So far, it’s been a busy year for Rainbow Voices.  After our roof-raising ‘Singing in a Christmas Wonderland Concert’ (one of our best ever!) we have spent the Spring learning lots of new songs in anticipation of our Summer Concert on 22nd July.

As ever, we have a varied repertoire ranging from Mozart to Sister Sledge so there really will be something for everyone to enjoy – whether you are singing or as a member of the audience. 

Making sure that everyone is included through our love of music is what Rainbow Voices is all about.  As well as singing songs that appeal to a wide range of people (and that will stretch and develop our members) we aim to provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere.  Rainbow Voices is a community choir for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans people – as well as our straight friends – in a safe and gay-friendly environment. Whatever your vocal or physical ability, you will find a warm welcome at Rainbow Voices. 

People who are toying with the idea of joining Rainbow Voices often worry about their voices or music reading ability not being good enough.  If that’s you, then DON’T! We are a community choir and that means that we are here for you.   Many of our members can’t read music.  We rehearse pieces section by section so that you can record them and we provide rehearsal tracks for many of our songs. If you can hold a tune, and if you are prepared to put in an extra hour or so each week to learn the pieces, you will do well and you will discover just what your voice is capable of and what a great sound we can all make together as a team.  That is what a choir does - it’s a team working together to make a great sound and  to provide great entertainment.   Come and join in the fun in September when we have our new members’ day – or drop in beforehand and see how it feels to sing with Rainbow Voices.