Good day to you, whether this is your first time visiting, you are an avid follower (surely there must be one?!) or you have stumbled across our website accidentally (perhaps you were actually after Rainbow Chorus in Brighton??!!). Where have the first few months of the year gone??! Well we have been quite busy - we have been learning lots of new music in preparation for our concert on July 23rd (don't forget to 'save the date'), which this year has the theme of Icons & Legends - so we will be singing some classics from the pop and musical world with a smattering of classical and even a song in tribute to the late, great, David Bowie. 

We have had a few new members - lots of basses - but for the first time in a number of years have a bit of an alto shortage!! - so there is definitely still time for all you budding altos to join us!  So a great big welcome to any new members!

And we have given two very different performances as part of LGBT History Month - the first one was for the launch of Birmingham Uni's LGBT history month events where we had a great response; and our second one saw the choir leave Birmingham behind to close Redditch's events at the Redditch Palace theatre, where despite the weather (snow on the fourth day of Spring!!!) we still managed to have a select audience! So thank you for asking us to be involved!

Soon the choir will be having a very deserved 2 week Easter break (we will return on the 12th April) after which we'll be starting some new music for our summer concert and preparing for Coventry Pride in June.

Bye for now - we hope to see you soon at either a rehearsal or in the audience at one of our concerts!